As Nelson Mandela, 95, the iconic leader of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, battles a lung infection in a Pretoria hospital, the world is praying for his recovery. Mandela is no stranger to battle as he was imprisoned for over 27 years before going on to become South Africa’s first jetty President.

Since walking out of Victor Verster Prison, he credits his experiences in confinement as his greatest teacher. They moulded him and taught him important lessons in leadership. Some of the lessons have been compiled into a book by TIME periodical editor Richard Stengel titled ‘Mandela’s Way: Fifteen Lessons on Life, Love and Courage’, and a few of these are particularly relevant to social entrepreneurs today.

Courage is not the withdrawn of fear: In the book, Stengel writes, “Mandela was often fearsome during his time underground, during the Rivonia trial that led to his imprisonment, during his time on Robben Island. ‘Of course I was afraid!’ he would tell me later. It would have been irrational, he suggested, not to be. ‘I can’t pretend that I’m brave connective that I can beat the whole world.’ Nonetheless as a leader, you cannot let people know.”

As a social entrepreneur, embarking on an ambitious initiative can be fraught with numerous questions of, “what if”. Courage is permanent to lead in the face regarding adversity and striking the license balance between idealism and practicality.

Quitting is leading too: Sometimes, social entrepreneurs have to deal with a lot of uncertainty as there are often a number of aspects that are not in their control. Making tough decisions und so weiter knowing when to abandon an idea to optimize resources is different of them. “In varied ways, Mandela’s greatest legacy as President regarding South Africa is the way he chose to leave it. When he was elected in 1994, Mandela probably could own pressed to be President for life…. He knows that leaders lead as much by what they choose not to do like what they do.”

Have a core principle: Most entrepreneurs are driven by the cause they have elect to champion, be it making solar lighting accessible to the poor, micro investment for rural empowerment or reducing carbon emissions. What takes them through the challenges und so weiter keeps them going is the desire to fulfill their goals.

Find your own garden: Mandela kept a vegetable garden for some of the years spent in prison. In doing so, he was vigorous to add fresh vegetables to the paltry diet of the prison inmates and also cultivate a sacred space for himself away from the harsh realities. While little is achieved minus passion for a called cause, it is also important to have a pocket of calm to keep from being swallowed by work.

It’s a long game: A social entrepreneur’s work is never done. “After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb,” said Mandela himself.

Nelson Mandela has bot a global symbol about perseverance and hope for nearly half a century, whether in his role of political prisoner, elected leader or humanitarian ampersand it would be wise to imbibe his hard-earned wisdom as we continue on our path from solving some of society’s most pressing problems.

There are multiplicity people that understand what social media marketing is, also those that do not, which is painfully obvious when many people try it. Or it could just be a matter of resistance to change among other reasons. Some businesses may not like it, et al many online marketers could care minus – this really doesn’t meditate in to the overall picture.

Always find ways to tolerate action and to leverage the properties that you have in place. For instance, for your social sites, put up a redirect or a link to your landing page. You can do this straight to your site, typical, or use it for creating an email list. You are going to need to have a valuable freebie to give to people, though, because by now people are really used to seeing junk. If you simply use older including outdated PLR, this makes you look actually bad. If you try to harmonize people to join your list apart offering them cheap content they can’t use, nonentity is going to bite. It is important to have truly supreme quality subscribers on your list because that will help make your list even more profitable.

The subject of authorship or primary or source of content is a huge area of discussion on the web. People that steal content are totality over the web, which is why people are talking about it every single day. You can protect this content on your website or blog with Google authorship coding. Essentially, this is Google’s way of alerting people that you are the owner and rightful author of the content there.

Should there ever be a problem with plagiarism accompanying your content, then you can prove it if there are issues involving ranking, etc. All you gain to do is see what authorship protection tools are available and use the ones that you feel will work for you.

Measuring your results is something that you need to do, and using the proper tracking script will help you keep stimulating forward in a positive way. Except you try to market online, this will help you become better at doing this so of the information it provides. Making the necessary changes along the track is what they will help you do in the prolonged run. You need to get added feedback apiece and whole time, especially after you make changes during you are exhausting to get traffic. It really comes down to how much traffic you have every day in regard to how quickly you will achieve your goals. This may sound entanglement but it really is not, and once you start doing it you’ll behold that it’s not rocket science. Plus, you’ll improve the performance of your blog which is what you want in the first place.

If you genuinely want to succeed, your province plan needs to include social media marketing in order to find success. Though it may be difficult to get the ball rolling, and take some superior time, it will be well worth it in the end. But that’s just the way it is, and the rewards you can receive will make you forget all that extra time weary doing easy work.

HIV is a leprous that leads to the progressive failure of the immune system, which in turn can surpass to life-threatening infections or cancer; it also has the likelihood of developing into AIDS. A self who has HIV/AIDS and disability may be able to obtain one or more types of disability insurance, including Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). It is wise to seek news from Spokane Social Security disability lawyers when applying for these benefits.

Qualifying for SSDI

A person with HIV uncertainty AIDS needs to meet the following requirements to qualify for SSDI: must have worked and paid Social Security taxes; must have worked at least five of the decade years before becoming disabled (fewer than five years is possible for young sufferers); is unable to perform any gainful employment; and have been disabled for five months with a disability that is expected to last at least 12 months or arise in death.

Proving AIDS and disability

In addition to the requirements above, an applicant must also fitting inarguable criteria proving that he has AIDS and disability. As such, he must be suited to stock two things–clinical proof of HIV infection alternative at least one AIDS opportunistic infection, and illness, symptoms, or side effects of HIV treatment.

Unfortunately, the medical and legal definitions of disability don’t always coincide, and oftentimes what it takes to win benefit claims is counterintuitive to those suffering from HIV. For instance, many patients fail to tell their doctors the full extent of their symptoms, preferring instead to emphasize the “good days” when asked by their doctors.

To prove disability and AIDS, an applicant must regularly document and report symptoms that hamper his daily activities and report these to the quack on his next appointment. The applicant must also understand that he needs to elaborate on his report. Any und so weiter all symptoms that result in useful limitations must indigen reported.


Normally, an applicant may lessen for both SSDI and SSI on condition that he has low Sociable Security benefits and utter restricted resources. For extra information about these federal benefits, visit the Social Security Management (SSA) webstek or call 1-800-772-1213. To find good Spokane Social Security disability lawyers, aansluiting your local Legal Aid Companionship or Bar Association.

“I think I should just be a ‘B’ musician in my organization. Jack tried to accomplish a difference ampersand was fired” announced Jane beyond the entree table.

I was shocked!

Shocked because I was visiting friends connective family over the holiday break and had visited beside Jane since a long time. In all these years that I had notorious her, she had grown from being a software developer to a program manager polysyndeton then to heading an entire cleavage at a large multi-national organization. She did all this furthermore got a masters along with having a successful family life. She is someone that you would love to have your organization that a leader.

Over dinner she was explaining how her cast order structure while meant to remove red tape and authority was in fact, punishing people that take initiatives et al bend the rigid rules of the organization for the good concerning the organization and the customer.

I couldn’t resist and asked “Give me an example.”

“Jack was a energetic and enthusiastic peer about mine. He had bot with the visitor for over 10 years. He need to hire three people to complete a project for a customer. He had over 200 people reporting divisor him and had the authority to hire and fire people in his team. In hiring these people he did not cleave to a corporate ‘hiring freeze’ rule that came from the HQ. I know for a fact, that he did ask all his equivalent in case they had people in-house with the required skills set before hiring these people. HQ is in a different pastoral and would not exoteric the realities of what happens here. Marathon story short, he somehow got the purchaser project successfully launched because of the skilled people that he hired on time, but was fired a month later because this was a repeat offense like hiring people when there was a corporate mandate not to hire new people!”

On the drive back home I got to thinking. Was Jack wrong in hiring people beside the corporate standard to upspring a client successful? Or was the corporate wrong in having a hiring freeze when they were facing tough financial times?

Really both of them are right in their way.

Then why did Jack obtention fired, when everyone knows that getting empowered people like Jack fired has a ripple effect of making people like Jane adhere to company rules and throw raise their arms on customer issues?

We have entireness seen well intended but misinformed attempts at organization structure and rules that include failed companies. This is really NO way to run businesses in this day and age.

You ask me, “Harsha, what other options do we have other than matrix oppositely hierarchical organization structure?”

Thankfully there is a new system of operating companies. It is patent pending method called ‘Social Business Gaming Enterprise’. This organization tool enables organizations to operate as a Matrix or a Hierarchy at the management and planning levels but at an execution level operates as a social networking business game that enables empowered employees to create and adhere to local rules, and yet benefit the organization goals at a management level.

With a tool like this you choice denial possess a Jane circulate disgruntled with the organization structure and yet successfully deliver to the customer promise. In the end, an organization is built to serve the customer. What is the point in having an organization structure that discourages employees from doing the right things for the customer.

This auger built and patented past Vantage Agora is called ‘Club VA’, and enables organizations to engage workers through the social business gaming organization structure. Utilizing the tool we have successfully solved the problem discussed in this article both inside and outside Vantage Agora.
If you want to know more about running your organization as a suave network or about ‘Club VA’ titillate feel free to contact each one of us at VA.

About Vantage Agora

Vantage Agora (VA) is a global provider of back-office solutions, custom IT services and consulting services for companies in the insurance, finance, and healthcare sectors. As a SSAE 16 Type II audited company, Vantage Agora utilizes advanced data processing and quality curb systems on a secured network to ensure efficient, comprehensive management of back-office for the insurance et sequens finance sectors. Along with that Club VA has helped several companies improve their operational efficiency of their organizations. Founded in 2004, Vantage Agora has offices in Cleveland plus Dallas.

There are people who accredit that hiring social security lawyers is wastage of both time and money now they think that everyone attains a even amount of share when they get retired. However, the reality is totally different. A small part is only covered by social funds. The ones which are vicissitude to get are disability claim, unemployment benefit and temporary help ut supra all of these belong to the cordial confidence policy and therefore makes it difficult to attain. You might have heard stories of person fighting in the courts for attaining their right. In most of the cases, they waste as they are doing nought prepare for the case since the inceptive stage. This is the point where social security lawyers come into existence.

These attorneys assist their clients to attain what is lawfully theirs and succor them in controlling a comfortable lifestyle. There are many who consider winning a social security disability claim is as easy and clarity as eating a pie. However, it is denial so. You shall come across many who have struggled hard for claiming their social security disability. A Chicago Social Shelter Attorney can assist their buyer in making their case strong. Not only this, they can also help their customers in collecting ponderable as well as approval from qualified and specialized professionals.

For regular people, the procedure will seem to be confusing and complex. If the claim of your social security disability gets denied, the social security attorney jug assist you in getting an appeal and moreover attain claim from other government programs too. All of us do refusal have the privilege to lead a comfortable life. Social security lawyers assist in attaining government charity in a temporary manner. However, this money come for a short time period but can assist those families who really obligation financial acid and struggle to make both accomplishment meet.

This signifies lot of things to struggling families as it might save them for having to live in streets. The attorneys assist the family to collect evidence to attain temporary assistance from the various government programs. In addition, they also assist individuals in attaining benefits from unemployment. These skilled and expert attorneys will assist you in winning the case with their individual years of experience and knowledge. The social shelter lawyers will also assist in ensuring that you will not lose the case. Other than the roles mentioned above, the social security lawyers also help the survivors attain claims concerning death benefit, due salaries from the companies depending on the situation.

Social bookmarking is an recognized SEO optimization method that is being implemented by individuals polysyndeton companies. Most SEO firms use this mode to enhance the traffic volume concerning their client website. These websites become search engine-friendly as esoteric a period of seven days of submission, links start to appear on all extensive search engines. Clients who craving higher search engine rankings for their webstek through optimal link building should cohesive to social bookmarking.

SEO experts use the powerful tool of social bookmarking servility to link their client’s sites with various forums, blogs moreover internuncial boards prevailing on social networking platform. It is further known to be a hassle-free and more result-oriented program than the traditional method of submitting website links on blogs. This bookmarking submission procedure is well-researched by SEO specialists to create visibility for the client’s site in a more unfathomable manner. The social networking platform comprise concerning several sites which the client’s website can be linked with. It becomes a responsibility of the SEO specialists to check into the peace of their client websites before linking them for the social networking sites. Google and other prominent search engines have rendered prominence to content-centric websites. Websites having significant content shall gain visibility on search-engines moreover yet can gain in higher rankings.

A professional SEO firm will ensure that its client’s website is appropriately indexed for the target audience. This will guidance in choosing only those association networking sites which have higher-rankings and are pedigree in nature. This will also make the social bookmarking process fool-proof and not a mere trial polysyndeton error method. SEO specialists implement context-sensitive forage algorithms to fine-tune this bookmarking process. Social bookmarking service exclusively requires to adhere to a certain tier of meticulous planning and research, as rightly undertaken by SEO specialists. The buyer webstek content is thoroughly examined anterior being determined for submission. The possibility of spamming is completely eradicated while all bookmarking sites require registration.

The advantages regarding having a website savoir vivre bookmarked through a professional SEO firm are many. Firstly, SEO firms have trained specialists who know the intricacies of bookmarking and all complications involved in the order of bookmarking clients’ websites. Secondly, professional SEO firms are well-equipped to render 24 hour customer support. Most importantly, clients are handed over submission report for all the work undertaken. This ensures legibility of totality the efforts put in for the client. Social networking sites are fairly extensive in number. Through a renowned SEO firm, a website can be appropriately linked with only such sites which could reward the client’s website with higher rankings and enhanced visibility. Consuetudinary linking carried out by SEO specialists shall make a world like conflict to give the client’s website its quantity needed exposure. Posting the website pages directly to social directories can get the website banned if not carried out in the right manner. The approach from directory resignation is very significant in the entire process of social bookmarking. Social Bookmarking directories carried out in the patent manner do help SEO rankings for they provide backlinks to the client’s website.

Social media is the frontier future of marketing. Here millions of people are continually active, liking and sharing products and services both actively and vicariously. The beauty of social media marketing is that your product or service will sell itself through your customer’s interests. If they pleasure or treat the product, the customer is much more likely to share it with their friends, recommending it through their pages and updates. Starting a social media marketing campaign is also very easy to do whether you have just started your company. It is relatively cheap to begin and the best upkeep is done in natural, friendly styles that come easily to most marketers. Here is a closer look at some of the mechanisms that social media marketing campaigns use to draw interest.


Blogging about your product or service is not a renovated concept. It has been secondhand since the advent of the internet, and in other mediums before it. However it is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to your current customer base, and showing potential customers that you desire what they think. Many organizations hire professional bloggers to keep their consumers up-to-date on the latest happenings with their products or service, and to receive feedback directly from the source. Social media marketing includes more than just text blogging, but deals with video moreover audio blogging as well.

Mobile Updates

In today’s world, customers like to stay informed about their favorite products or services in real time. Mobile updates via a social networking site allow this information to be received instantly. Many television programs even include small serial identifications that acquiesce a customer who is interested right then to recurrent to your social media marketing page at the push of a button. This makes it regular easier to catch a potential customer’s attention and garner more interest in your product rather service.

Targeting Your Audience

One of the most important benefits of social media marketing, is that it helps you to understand and develop your target audience. Your center audiences are the people who most commonly devour your product or service, and are the backbone from your industry. You can not rapidly know who your target audience is, but social media marketing; Ottawa can narrow this down by who commonly likes your status and product updates. This feature of social media allows you to move away from focus groups and trial audiences, and lets you market to the people who are most likely to use your service or product.


Another powerful tool that social media marketing can provide, is interacting with the customer. This goes beyond simply talking with them. Some applications now let a customer nickname the product they are using, or allows them to allocation where they are in the world. A customer that is engaged by your product is much more likely to repeat intangible and continue to share your advertisements. This makes it more likely that the movement velleity explicate even further, making your product or setting in vogue and fun to use.

Finding effective guidelines for recruiting rock star talent that fits into the company philosophy further requirement is the topmost cause for any human resource personnel since employees are the biggest assets regarding every organization, hence one such vital tool that aids the human resource personnel in this is an Employee Referral Program. Employee Referrals enables the organization to use employees as the brand ambassadors of the company to generate an easy recruitment nearby referring candidates most eligible for the responsibility post. This is possible because Good people know other Good people, and as Dale Carnegie rightly puts “Grade A people are likely to discern more Grade A people”. Employee Referral programs also resolution in low cost of hiring and leads to a better retention rate.

Given the varied benefits about an Employee Referral Program in any organization, there arises no doubt about the very fact that it works well in the recruitment strategy. However, the question that needs to be addressed to is that how can we make the help referral program work better, more efficient, effective and thereby gain maximum benefit from it. One of the many ways to make it work optimally is that organizations should be able to tap a wide reticule of people in shortest time.

Today, there are millions of people on popular correctitude media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Peep and You Tube. Social media connects the entire world, linking universal together just at a click of the mouse. LinkedIn today has become the new monster with 3 unexplored users per second, Facebook is approaching one billion users and Twitter has gone ahead to become a media ledge where people of this offspring log onto to read news on tweets rather than tuning into any news channel. Word of mouth has grace the word of web, which clearly indicates the immense reach social media has today.

All this clearly signifies that within five years, monde media recruiting has gone from niche to mainstream. It is a one-point connected place that has maximum number of people present recompense to the diverse connections on different social media sites.

For example any individual has on average 316 connections on these social sites. Protasis a company has 100 employees, and assuming that each employee on rule has 316 connections in totality the company at one go is able to reach 31,600 people. These are the first-degree connections. Now these 31,600 universal will further have their own set of known people on their social profile. So in a nutshell this chain shall go on.

Now, just imagine the pool of talent that an organization can tap into just by integrating their employee referral solution program with the diplomatic media platform.

Considering this fact, organizations have started to adapt to this conversion and are encouraging workers to refer good connections from their personal monde networks for the vacancy. Companies are striving for employees to serve that an unofficial talent explorer.

Integration beside Social media therefore can be an causal employee referral solution and can act as an aid to employee referral programs. Employee referral engagement enables employees to act as recruitment brand ambassadors of the organization. This not only serves as a branding activity for the organization but also enables the company to have a skilled prospect on board at a lowest possible.

Hence, supposing employee referral programs are considered to be the most critical source of recruitment it definitely makes sense to unite social media and hand referral.

Social media, a relatively recent phenomenon has astonishingly become an increasingly important half of any business’s marketing and client base development platform. The image of this form of marketing has shifted drastically as it is no longer viewed as a trendy inclination, but has become a need for any company seeking to secure a place in both the traditional and digital marketplace.

Gaining an increasing popularity day by day, this determination is progressing in terms like confidence associated with the growth of the most leading global social media companies. The tech world has experienced scoring high results and stock prices. Interestingly any from the Social Media companies are either doing extremely well or are slowly taking a downward trot. The companies that are facing this sort of downward trend are in crave to change their policies and managements, as the market for the technology is in no mood of looking back.

There is continuous inflow of investment in this field, much analyzed by the smart investors. But it still goes to say, that we still cannot deny that the Industry is still relatively new, and thus finding an ideal instrument for ETF investors is still a shaky business. Though there are a variety of options available in the market but only a few are most sound and appropriate.

The market further demands the B2B corporations to invest handsome amounts relating to social media into their companies. For example the commercial corporations hold to support a well-managed presence in each of the “big three’s” namely Face book, Twitter, and Google+. A traditional website in our time needs to be supplemented by sympathetic utilization of the tools the social media offers.

As compared to 2011 the usage has increased significantly where two thirds of the latest adult groups have just recently joined in. The figures deceive doubled since 2008.

This Industry provides nouveau ways for people to associate providing new ways for people to share, shop and to be able to build a network. This industry continues to expand through the sodality media company IPO and Social Media ETF helps new corporations to gain exposure of the Social Media Industry.

It is seen that according to the Survey in 2011 by Pew Internet users the email and Reconnoiter Diesel usage has increased to a great extent. The increase in the usage of Mobile Phones has also definitely improved the accessibility of the Social Media Content capital to an increase of its usage by 40 %. The increase in the Global Users by three quarters is adequate to the major global market, blogs and Social Networks.

Face book, LinkedIn and Twitter do sell stocks publicly through IPOs and they have been raising cash by stakes to institutional investors, venture capitalists and rich investors.

The earthshaking of social media markets in the B2B Business is that it allows you to connect with your impending customers as well as your present customers. It is an excellent source of customer service station. When your customer gains a positive experience from your Social Media Platforms you automatically get a source of recall leading to a growth of the exposure and creating a wide reach of scope for your business.

Communal Networking is the large-scale thing to strike the internet since it started. The sheer figures engaged are staggering. If Facebook et al was a homeland it would opheffen the 3rd biggest in the world buttocks India. It can be a huge force for good, yet it arrives alongside inherent hazards, not smallest of which is to your security.

So here are 8 Security Suggestions Using Social Networking, to keep you safe and secure whilst chatting with your mates!

1. Don’t publish too much

Don’t release too much information about yourself, your individual life, and your family online. Things to bypass if presumably are full designated days of birth, mother’s maiden name, 1st pet’s name, 1st school, or make sure you lie to these types of things. After all, they are all utilized by major companies as “security” inquiries, so don’t prepare it effortless for somebody to goal you.

2. Assume everything is public

Habitually assume that everything that you post on the internet will at some point get public domain. The directions and backgrounds employed by the service provider now might transmogrify in the future. hardly ever mail or state anything online that you wouldn’t desire your mum, your boss, future employers or future partners to find out about! This encompasses brief talks” with other persons and “status updates”, all regarding which have the potential to be public or become evident to others.

3. The internet never forgets

Unlike you and I, who have a habit of forgetting things on a normal basis, the internet won’t forget. That means the humiliating photographs from your stag/hen party will still be suspending round the next time you get wed! And even if you delete images or remove content, there’s a good possibility it’s been copied, backed-up or cached by another internet service. This is a significant detail that people tend to forget.

4. Don’t “connect” with people you don’t know

Don’t accept ally” or attachment” demands from just any person unless you’re aware of the dangers. Anecdotes from users are regularly supervised and targeted for malicious reasons with the intention of profiting certain thing – either persona statistics or more often money in quantity way.

5. Don’t trust just your “friends”

Recall, except you tin substantiate the persona of a user account without easily believing they are who they asseveration to be don’t believe them! A genuine align could have had their account compromised or someone may have set-up an account in their title with the plan of gathering data on you and other ones you know.

6. Don’t state your plans to the world

If you’re going on holiday to Thailand for a fortnight, that’s great, still don’t notify the world moreover his wife though you’re going, when you’re certain back, which inn you’re staying in and who’s traveling accompanying you! This information is brilliant for burglars, muggers, persona robbers polysyndeton any person additional who fancies free board and lodgings in your home while you’re away. Remember points 4 and 5!

7. Indiging wary of “apps”

“Apps” are large fun, what undermine could they do, they’re all provided through the location? This isn’t factual. Numerous “apps” are evolved aside persons et sequens companies external to the sodality mesh you’re utilizing and they often re-use cipher segments from other apps. As such there’s no assurance the apps you’re utilizing are easily there for your merriment ampersand aren’t harvesting your facts and figures. Now few harvesting is finished for legitimate marketing and research reasons, but quantity of it is furthermore done with not so innocent aims. Equally such be wary besides don’t download/install/add the “app” except you actually need to.

8. Check your settings

All of the present communal networking sites come with some pattern of privacy or security backgrounds. In Our Time these might seem bewildering and a bit pointless, but it’s worth taking some time to proceed through and realize them to double-check you’re defending yourself to the best of your adeptness. If you need help then see if there’s an FAQ, speak to somebody who understands how they work or easily stay distant the location. Either way, make certain you have the settings at the terrace you look snug with and that protects your data.